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Quizizz is a tool designed to help educators properly assess the competency and development of students, and it manages to do so in a way that directly engages younger students. Test-based assessments are often prone to cultural bias and are sometimes more tests of attention than of comprehension. Quizizz seeks to remedy this problem by providing content that will draw the attention and imagination of students. And that basic functionality has made Quizizz a promising option for the classroom but also for promoting productivity in the office.

An educational quiz-based app could be perfectly designed, but it won't do much good without content to fill it. Fortunately, Quizizz's expansive selection of tests are as comprehensive as you could hope for. Their database crowdsources quizzes from working educators, and that leaves teachers with millions of quizzes to choose from and the confidence of knowing that the questions were designed by their peers.

If you somehow can't find a quiz that meets the criteria you need, creating your own quiz is easy. From there, it's as simple as deploying it to your students. Whether you're creating your own quizzes or pulling curated tests from the database, Quizizz automates the tedious work. They'll automatically grade the tests of all students who engaged, and they provide registered educators with far more detail-oriented metrics that track student behaviors over the course of their learning. The grading process is automated, but teachers are free to leave comments behind for individual students.

This asynchronous educational style obviously integrates well with remote learning environments, and Quizizz leans hard into that approach. Integration with Google Classroom is a smooth and seamless process, and Google can boast one of the best and most popularly adapted remote learning platforms around. As for students, all they need is access to a phone or computer to engage directly in quizzes.

Teachers have some flexibility to get creativity with their educational approach as well. Homework mode allows you to assign quizzes with deadlines, and students can flexibly answer them as they're able. Or you can employ live game mode to get students to compete directly with one another no matter where they happen to be. There's also the ability to assign flashcards which can help students run study drills in preparation for quizzes.

Quizizz's primary focus is on the classroom, but the platform works surprisingly well for boosting workplace productivity as well. The same metrics that are used to track student successes works surprisingly well for employee evaluations, and the quiz format can be adapted to function as satisfaction polls and workplace training modules. Quizizz is a means to teach workers new skills, but it can also keep them engaged outside of the direct learning process. Quizizz can even be used to create office presentations.


  • Huge database of quizzes to choose from
  • Tight integration with Google Classroom
  • Adapts flexibly to professional environments


  • Some features require a paid subscription
  • Formatting can be tricky for more complex slides

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Live Results
  2. Hybrid/Virtual Events

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Quizzes
  2. Dashboards & Reporting
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